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Which Medicaid Programs Might I Qualify For If I Have Medicare & How To Access Them

Although the similarity of their names can be confusing, and despite the fact that the health benefits are similar, Medicaid and Medicare are two different programs. The main difference is the eligibility of participants and the way they manage and pay for the services they offer. Medicaid helps pay

If I Have Medicare Advantage and Medicaid How Will My Prescription Drug Coverage Work?

If you have Medicaid and Medicare, you may be wondering how these services interact with each other and how your preciption drug coverage will work, well in this article we will explain how this coverage works and what you may have to pay. There are four levels of prescription

What Is Medicare – How Plan D Can Get You All of Your Prescription Drugs at Little to No Cost

Medicare is the federal insurance program for Americans aged 65 or older, some disabled Americans, and people with end-stage renal disease. This is definitely a good program for many people. The original Medicare plan, is available nationwide, it is a fee-for-service plan administered by the federal government. It pays for