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What Is a Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plan & How to Access This Service With Medicare

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When you use a MLTC plan, you will have a team of professionals specialized in health services, this team normally consists of: a physical therapist, a social worker or a licensed dietitian who will all work together to manage your full attention.

You will also have your own nurse and care coordinator, this person is a registered nurse and will guide your care team in developing and coordinating a plan of care that meets all your medical needs. This can be very beneficial to many people.

Why Choose a MLTC Plan: It is good for you, your family and your doctor to know that there is always someone who is taking care of you and you have their full attention. You will receive all this and you will not pay any monthly premiums, or deductibles and co-payment for services you receive from professionals if you are insured by medicare or medicaid.

Your Care Team Will Work Around You: In a confusing world of health care, you can expect your care team to focus on you. They will work with your doctors, help schedule appointments, monitor your medications and talk with you and your family so that you all understand your medical conditions and treatment.

Choosing the Right MLTC Plan: You need to choose a team that fully understands the healthcare system, so that they can overcome obstacles and ensure that you get all the medical services you need for those who qualify. You want the MLTC plan to have a Help Line with nurses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you can communicate with a medical professional at any time, day or night.

What to Expect From an MLTC Plan: The program will provide skilled nursing care, social services, medical transport and other health-related services, such as vision care and dental care services. In order to receive these services though, you need to have some form of medicare or medicaid.

Using Medicare With an MLTC Plan: Medicare is a great option to use with an MLTC service because this allows you to not pay any monthly premiums and if you do they will be very low. Most likely, if you need an MLTC plan, you are eligible for medicare as well, so this is not something that you will have to worry about.

Using Medicaid With an MLTC Plan: Another option available to you, is to use medicaid to pay for the MLTC plan, this is helpful because, if for some reason you cannot be accepted for medicare, you can still access those low monthly premiums or none at all by using medicaid. It is important that you check with your state first though because not every state provides the same service with medicaid.

Helping Those With Chronic Diseases: A managed long-term care plan helps people with chronic diseases or disabilities that require health care services for a long time, both at home and adult day care, these services work to keep you comfortable in your own home for as long as possible.

Benefits of an MLTC Plan: For people who need home care, adult day health care or other long-term care for more than 120 days (four months), the MLTC plan manages and pays a wide range of health and social services, and provides the flexibility to choose the place that you want to receive the required services.

Services Provided From an MLTC Plan: The MLTCP service plans provide both long-term care (such as medical care and nursing homes) as well as outpatient services (including dental and medical equipment). If you present your Medicaid or Medicare card, you will get services to primary care physicians and hospital inpatient services.