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How You Can Qualify For Medicaid Services If Your Income Is Higher Than the Limit

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Decisions about who qualifies for Medicaid are handled by the Department of Human Services for the state that you live in. In most states if you receive SSI, you are automatically qualified, although in others you have to apply separately.

The rules of income for people with disabilities are as follows: $25 deduction of all earned income, counting only the net income (the money that remains after tax deductions, etc), and $30 for the first $60 in revenue. Any labor expense related to the disability can also be deducted.

What Is Medicaid? Medicaid is a service that allows you to access essential healthcare features without having to pay a premium, this is great because many families or individuals need medical attention, yet do not have the means to pay for it, this service can help anyone that needs medical services.

What is the Maximum Income Amount: It is important to know what the maximum income amount is because it is much easier to get the medicaid service if you earn an amount that is below the maximum amount for an earned income. The maximum income amount varies by state but here is a general idea of what the maximum amount is:

  • If you are living by yourself, the maximum monthly income would be $903
  • If your house has a total of two people living in it, the maximum monthly income is $1,214
  • If your house has a total of three people living in it, the maximum monthly income is $1,526
  • If your house has a total of four people living in it, the maximum monthly income is $1,838
  • SSI income, however, is not counted. Social Security income is counted except but only for disabled children, this is a great thing to keep in mind when considering applying for medicaid because if your income is higher than the maximum than you may still be able to have your family benefit from these services.

Income Higher Than the Maximum: If your income is higher than the maximum amount, you don’t have to worry, there are still many options available to you, it will be harder to take advantage of the medicaid services, but you will be able to do so nonetheless.

Meeting the Other Requirements: There are some requirements that the state can be very strong about, depending on your state income may or may not be one of them. This is great because if you live in a state that’s income limit is something that they can be lenient on, then you are in a good position. It is important that you meet most of the requirements though if your income is higher than the maximum.

Explaining Your Situation: Many times, even though your income may be higher than the maximum, you can still talk to the state about your situation and see if you can get medicaid. This is nice because sometimes we are in debt, and even though you make more than the maximum amount, you still do not have money to spend on insurance.

Different Rules For Each State: Each state has it’s own set of rules which can be very helpful for your situation, this is nice because they are not following the federal law and they can make their own laws for the state. This can be very helpful to anyone that makes more than the maximum amount and still needs medicaid.

Why Choose Medicaid? Medicaid is a great option for anyone that needs insurance, yet does not have the financial means to pay for it, this is a very helpful program for many people and can help you to access all of the most important and essential medical features if you do not have enough for insurance.